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a fine autumn day



It was a fine autumn day.

Four men managed the tea garden that won the top prize at the National Tea Fair in Japan.


The main purpose of the work was to remove weeds.



Weeds not only suck up important fertilizer, but also lead to the development of insects.



Including a 23-year-old young man who joined our company in October, we took a break from our usual duties to work on the farm.
(Incidentally, the newcomer’s last name is Minori, which is a good omen for agriculture.



I hope we can work together, feel the basics of the tea business, and share the feeling of gratitude for next spring’s “fruitful” harvest and the desire to win the top prize in Japan.



At the same time, we spread the autumn fertilizer.




I imagine that this fertilizer will decompose in the soil, and over the next six months, it will accumulate as flavor and sweetness in the new shoots next spring.


Once again, the power of nature and plants is amazing, as this fertilizer is scientifically transformed into deliciousness.



After a day of farm work like this, I realized that efficiency and results are of course important, but the best feeling is to work with good team members in a pleasant environment.





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