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It is the time of autumn when winter seems to be approaching.


At this time of the year, tea plantations cut the leaves that have grown since summer to make room for the next spring’s harvest.

Some tea gardens use the leaves to make PET bottles or blends of brown rice tea.



It was a beautiful autumn day at the tea garden for the National Tea Fair.


We have just started to cut down the leaves, leaving a thick layer of leaves to preserve the growth.




Last year, this tea garden was damaged by insects in the summer and had holes in the leaves.


(I’m a little happy)




Next April.


Corona will have settled down, and I hope to be able to handpick tea again with 200 of my comrades in this garden, enjoying the reunion.


Before the cold winter, the factory produces a limited edition winter tea.

We chose a deeper steaming type of raw material than the autumn tea and raised the roasting temperature even higher than the autumn tea to make a tea that can be drunk under a kotatsu.


the consumption of Japanese tea has increased due to the Corona disaster, but I think this is because more and more people are conscious of their health and drink tea in the midst of nest egg demand.


Japanese tea contains many health-enhancing and relaxing ingredients.


Japanese tea is not only functional, but it is also delicious.


Now, “Shururi” is one of the best tea shops in the prefecture rather than in the west city.


They use “Autumn Tea” and brew it in the best way possible, reproducing 100% of the creator’s idea.


When I come across situations like this, I feel that the tea business is a noble and rewarding job that I want to live up to.


I saw the efforts of Shohei Ohtani, a major league baseball player, over the past year on a special program on NHK, and I would like to make it my job to work hard and accumulate my daily efforts so that I can give dreams and joy to those around me, even if it is only 0.1% of his.




I’ll do my best.


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