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autumn tea




After a series of rains, we have had a series of sunny days at the end of the summer season.

Fallen leaves have started to decorate the streets, but it’s still getting a little chilly in the mornings and evenings… I can’t say that yet.



With autumn just around the corner, we produced our annual autumn tea.


We compare our tea leaves again, which emphasize flavor and mellowness, and blend and roast them, imagining the time when the weather will be a little cooler.



The tea leaves are prepared during the new tea season in April of this year.


However, this year’s tea has its own unique characteristics, so the roasting temperature is based on the previous year’s roasting temperature, while searching for the best temperature for this year’s tea during the roasting process.


“The temperature is adjusted until it feels right.



and raise or lower the temperature as much as possible until it feels right.



Well, this is normal and normal work.


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