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so many feelings


The tea leaves that were plucked by more than 100 people on April 17 this year were stored in the refrigerator after production, and today in the morning, we did a final check to prepare them for the exhibition.


These leaves are filled with so many feelings.



We struggled for several days to decide on the “hand-picking day” while watching the weather forecast for rain several times a day, and we had a hard time changing the picking time from the morning of the day to the afternoon.


There was also the matter of the corona, and we pondered how to deal with it.


We wanted to share this “hand-picking” with our customers and employees, so we wanted to recruit as many participants as possible, but we had to limit it to 100 people this time.


Also, the employee in charge of the tea garden, who had worked hard for us for about 15 years, left the company, and it was the first time in a long time that I had taken the initiative in managing the garden.


On the day of the event, when I was greeting everyone in front of them before starting the hand-picking, I felt a little upset and almost cried as I remembered the work I had done in the garden and the various aspects of running the company over the past year.



As I looked back on the past two months, I named the vacuumed tea leaves and the tea boy left my hands.



I felt lonely, like a cute child going away somewhere far away.


But I also felt like, “Go for it!


I’ll be back next year




【For next year’s exhibition】


This afternoon, I spent some time mowing the grass with my employees who are usually working on sales and production for next year’s exhibition.




I’ve been worried about the weeds in the tea garden for a long time, so I felt refreshed.


Next week, we’ll be spreading fertilizer.




Oh, I’m so busy.




Life is fun.


Thank you very much.





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