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summer teas

Summer is hot.


That’s why we offer “summer teas” with water.



By the way, people say that our tea has less astringency and bitterness and more umami and sweetness.


[Umami] is a kind of soup stock in cooking, and it is a flavor that can be felt from a kind of glutamic acid contained in kelp and shiitake mushrooms.


In tea, it is contained in an ingredient called “theanine,” which is said to have a relaxing effect and help you get a good night’s sleep.



The difference in quality depends on how you select such a delicious tea from among the many new teas available in April and May.


If you don’t select the best ones, no matter how ingenious you are in blending or roasting, the tea will never be as good as it could be.




And then the work is done.


Sometimes, in the evening, I go jogging at the Saitobaru Kofun Tumulus Group, a 10-minute drive away.



Surrounded by greenery, this is the best environment for exercise.


In this way, I am trying to brush up my mind and body so that I can still be sensitive, so that I don’t get rusty with age, so that I can keep my stomach in and my heart out.



I will do my best every day, repeating small regrets and remorse, but also making use of my sensitivity.



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