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The taste is gentle



It’s the second day of the Summer Thanksgiving Festival.


Today, I’m outside the store with a freshman who’s been with us for four months, making tea for customers and talking with them.






“Why is Shinryokuen’s tea so good?”




“Why does Shinryokuen tea taste different from other tea shops?




“Why does Shinryokuen tea taste different from other tea shops?






If you say so, here are some of the reasons


I think it’s because we select tea leaves that are full of nutrients and have a sweet taste, whether they are our own tea leaves or tea leaves from within the prefecture.




That’s it.


It’s all about choosing good ingredients, of course.





If the tea leaves are thin and have not been fertilized, they will not taste good no matter how well they are blended or roasted.


However, if the tea leaves have been fertilized with plenty of fertilizer, they will taste even better when blended or roasted.



The key is to stay focused on selecting the best quality tea leaves from the countless new ones produced every year.

(However, sometimes it is difficult to select the best tea leaves, and sometimes the climate of the year makes it difficult to gather good tea leaves.





“The taste is gentle, isn’t it?


I was almost in tears when a customer told me in the morning, “The taste is gentle.



That’s what I’m aiming for the most.



I want to be a company that is kind in both taste and heart.


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