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Japanese Tea Selection Paris 2020″ awarded 3 items.

Shinryokuen’s tea won a triple prize at the Japanese Tea Competition “Japanese Tea Selection 2020” in Paris!
Gold Prize – Specially Selected Fukamushi Tea
Silver Prize – Rare tea
Bronze Prize – Gokujo Sencha

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Japanese Tea Selection 2020 in Paris

Gold Prize “Tokusen Fukamushicha”

Gold Prize
Specially Selected Fukamushicha Tea” has won many awards in the past.
It is a mellow and sweet tea that is popular among customers and staff alike.

The tea is made from only “Saemidori”, which has a dark green color with a refined sweetness and flavor.

The tea is carefully brewed to bring out the best of the tea so as not to spoil its soft aroma and mellow taste.
The color and taste of the second roast are also attractive.

Tokusen Fukamushicha

Silver Prize ”Maremono”



Silver Prize
The tea is produced by a producer who is facing the top class of Miyazaki Prefecture with high technology and passion.

While separating the varieties and imagining the blend, we conduct a tense fire-filling process.

No mistakes or compromises are allowed, and the tea is carefully finished.
After the tea is brewed, you can feel the shine and polish of each and every leaf of the shallow steamed tea.

Bronze Prize”Gokujo Sencha”

Bronze Prize
The “Gokujo Sencha” is one of the first teas to be produced.
The tea leaves are plucked from the top of the shoots when they are in their prime.
The tea leaves are plucked from the top of the shoots when they are in their prime.

The tops of the shoots and the young tea leaves are not only scarce and valuable, but also delicate and astringent.
The tea is not only rare and valuable, but also delicate, astringent, noble and mildly sweet.

The tea leaves are sweet enough even at the rough tea stage, but the delicate sweetness and richness of the tea leaves can be obtained by using the tea leaves that have been carefully selected.
The tea is roasted at an exquisite low temperature in order to enhance its delicate sweetness and richness.
Gokujo Sencha