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(1) 当社の企業に関するお問い合わせ内容に回答するため。
(2) 当社のお客様へのサービス、営業活動等を効率的に行うため。
(3) 当社が請求したカタログ等の各種データを発送するため。
(4) 当社のサービス等、各種情報のご案内・ご提供を行うため。

















Our company does its best in enforcement of each following item including a continual improvement in order to aim at observance thoroughness of the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs and related many statutes, or the office regulations of our company.


1.About the handling of personal information, define office regulations, place a protection-of-personal-information person in charge, and strive for suitable protection.


2.The purpose for which our company uses personal information will be taken as the following range.
(1) In order to reply the contents to the inquiry about the enterprise of our company.
(2) In order to perform efficiently a visitor servicing, operating activity, etc. of our company.
(3) In order to ship various data, such as a catalog which our company charged.
(4) In order to offer guidance and varieties of information, such as a servicing of our company.

In addition, the use purpose changed when it carried out within limits rationally accepted to have the use purpose before an edit, and considerable relevance when changing the use purpose of the personal information which our company collected and there was need — I notify him or her.


3.While using by within the limits for the purpose of an acquisition, as long as it manages by a suitable approach and there is no special situation, do not disclose and offer personal information without a visitor’s consent at the third party.


4.Maintain at the state exact [personal information] and newest, and strive for the measure for preventing unlawful access to personal information, loss, a destruct, an alteration, disclosure, etc.
When entrusting an operation outside, remove the case where there are other legal excuses, and do not ffer or disclose personal information for the third party.
Moreover, if it is when outsourcing to an operation, based on the basis of selection of a consignee, it commissions proper.
If you can connect with the window (administration division of our company) of charge when reference, consultation, etc. of personal information are wished, I will correspond appropriately.
In order to manage personal information safely, strive for the maintenance and improvement in security.
When there is a point of companion mind about the question about protection of personal information, an opinion, and protection of personal information, it is the administration division.
Even a personal-information-management person in charge asks you for connection.