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Shinryokuen’s tea is used in the first class of international flights.

The high quality Japanese tea, which has been drunk around the world for two years since 2015, will once again be available in First class for international flights from September 2019.
We have been hired for two years starting in 2015, followed by another three years starting in 2019.
Comments from staff
“As a Japanese airline, we want to introduce Japanese tea culture to people around the world, so we want to carry tea from tea farms that have won awards, including the top prize at the National Tea Fair.”

“The quality was good.”

The tea was served in first class on 13 routes connecting Tokyo with the U.S., Europe, and Singapore, with a menu card indicating that the tea was produced in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Shinryokuen will continue to improve its pursuit of safety, security, and quality in order to promote Japanese tea, a traditional culture, to the world.

Shinryokuen's tea is used in the first class of international flights


Exceptional taste green tea bag (Sencha)

Exceptional taste green tea bag