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the value of my work

It’s hot here.


Today, as one of the lectures at the Sadoharacho General Culture Center, I was asked to give a talk titled “Ochajima Senka for Parents and Children” and I talked about tea for almost two hours, mainly to elementary school students and their mothers.


In the first half of the talk, I talked about the history of tea, tea in Miyazaki, and types of tea, while taking a break from the corona measures.





In the second half, the proprietress explained how to brew a good cup of tea.

The proprietress was also nervous as she spoke passionately about her passion as a tea shop owner, explaining how the taste of tea changes depending on whether it is made with boiling water, cold water, or water.




Nowadays, people tend to shy away from brewing tea in a teapot.

However, when I saw the postcards from the participants, I was excited to see their interest and expectations for tea.


As a person who works in the tea industry, I was happy to see the enthusiasm and seriousness of the students, including the small children who listened to me.


This kind of time is very valuable to me because I can feel the value of my work, apart from business and sales.


I imagine the smiles on the faces of the little ones as they make tea for their families at home right now.



I would like to thank Ms. Nakata and everyone at the secretariat for their great support.

Thank you very much.





Numbers are important

At the recent summer Thanksgiving Festival, we had many visitors despite the hot weather and rain.


Among them, we were especially pleased with the tea packaged in water.


Tea packets and ice can be placed in a glass container outside the store and wait for 30 minutes to make a delicious cup of water-dashi tea.


This is a unique tea for the hot and humid summer.

We had many cups of tea with free refills.




At the tea garden, we dug up the soil for soil analysis.

The soil is put into a machine and scientifically analyzed to determine what is lacking in the soil, and conversely, what is in excess.


It’s not a matter of “I’ll do my best” or “I’ll do my best,” but rather a matter of designing future fertilizers based on accurate numbers.


In human terms, it’s like a medical checkup where you look at your blood pressure and blood sugar levels and decide whether you should improve your diet or exercise.


Numbers are important.


They determine what to do and how to do it.





The taste is gentle



It’s the second day of the Summer Thanksgiving Festival.


Today, I’m outside the store with a freshman who’s been with us for four months, making tea for customers and talking with them.






“Why is Shinryokuen’s tea so good?”




“Why does Shinryokuen tea taste different from other tea shops?




“Why does Shinryokuen tea taste different from other tea shops?






If you say so, here are some of the reasons


I think it’s because we select tea leaves that are full of nutrients and have a sweet taste, whether they are our own tea leaves or tea leaves from within the prefecture.




That’s it.


It’s all about choosing good ingredients, of course.





If the tea leaves are thin and have not been fertilized, they will not taste good no matter how well they are blended or roasted.


However, if the tea leaves have been fertilized with plenty of fertilizer, they will taste even better when blended or roasted.



The key is to stay focused on selecting the best quality tea leaves from the countless new ones produced every year.

(However, sometimes it is difficult to select the best tea leaves, and sometimes the climate of the year makes it difficult to gather good tea leaves.





“The taste is gentle, isn’t it?


I was almost in tears when a customer told me in the morning, “The taste is gentle.



That’s what I’m aiming for the most.



I want to be a company that is kind in both taste and heart.



The Summer Thanksgiving Festival



The Summer Thanksgiving Festival is being held for four days from today.

It’s a shame that the weather forecast looks like it’s going to rain, as if we were aiming for just these four days…




We have three kinds of tea bags to help you get through this hot summer.


We also have a variety of gift items for summer greetings.




Our young male employee with a promising future and our slightly older president who still has a lot of hope for the future are outside the store serving watered-down tea as a treat, so please stop by.



Miyazaki Sencha Now Available in First Class on International Flights


Shinryokuen’s Sencha tea bags have been served on board international first class flights for two years starting in 2015 and for another three years starting in 2019.

At the time of the last adoption, the person in charge of the project said

“As a Japanese airline, we would like to use teas from tea farms that have won various awards, including the top prize at the National Tea Fair, in order to convey Japanese tea culture to people around the world.”
“The quality was extremely good.”

The tea was served in first class on 13 flights connecting Tokyo with the U.S., Europe, and Singapore, with a menu card indicating that the tea was produced in Miyazaki Prefecture.



How to make it tasty

  1. Fill a cup with hot water (about 100cc-150cc) and let it cool down to about 70℃, then add the tea bags.
  2. Wait for about a minute, shake the tea bag, and remove the tea bag when it is brewed thick.
  3. At this time, leave the tea bag in the cup for a while so that the last drop of flavor Keep the tea bag on the cup for a while. Keep the tea bag on top of the cup for a while.

Even though it is a tea bag, it tastes like a gentle tea carefully brewed in a teapot.



What are the benefits of tea bags for tea drinking?

Do you think that tea bags are not good for drinking tea?
The truth is, technology has evolved and blending techniques have evolved.
In fact, with the evolution of technology and blending techniques, we are now in an age where we can drink tea with good color and taste.

  • Tea bags are an easy and convenient way to enjoy tea.
    It is easy to clean up the tea leaves.
    It is important to keep tea strainers and tea caddies clean to prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria.
    However, it can be a hassle to clean them every day.
    However, it can be a hassle to take care of them every day, and some people may not feel comfortable washing them every day.
    However, with tea bags, there is no need for a tea strainer or tea canister, not to mention the troublesome maintenance.
    All you have to do is put the tea bag in a teapot or teacup, pour in hot water, and you can easily drink Japanese tea.
    In addition to saving you the time and effort of washing, you do not need to dispose of the tea leaves and can easily dispose of them after use.

  • Easy yet high quality taste
    This is the point where even beginners can enjoy tea easily.
    There are many people who have tried to drink tea from tea leaves and have wondered how much tea leaves to put in and how many cups to drink at one time.
    Many people have had the experience of wondering how much tea leaves to put in or how many cups to drink at once.
    There are times when you are told to use a teaspoon, but you don’t have one.
    With tea bags, the tea leaves are divided into small portions from the beginning, making it easy for even a beginner to make a cup of quality tea.
    Even beginners can easily enjoy the high quality taste of tea.


How to make a good cup of tea with tea bags

  1.  Look at the temperature of the water depending on the type of tea leaves.
    Do not pour hot water. If you do, it will become bitter.
    In the case of Japanese tea, water at 70 to 80 degrees Celsius will give you a mellow and sweet taste.
    Once the water is boiling, wait for a while. When the water is barely hot enough to hold in a teacup, it is the right temperature.
  2. Pour water gently, and take a breath.
    The key is to pour the water gently. Instead of pouring the water directly into the tea bag
    Gently pour the water from the edge of the cup.
    After pouring the water, hold the string and shake it four or five times.
    This will deepen the flavor of the tea.
    It is important to cover the tea bag with a lid and let it steep for about 20 seconds.
    It is important to cover the tea bag with a lid for about 20 seconds to steep it. Steeping gives the tea a deeper flavor and makes it more delicious.
  3. The last drop of good taste is important.
    The third thing is to get every last drop out.
    When you pull up the tea bag, keep it on the cup for a while to let the last drop out.
    Tea bags lose most of their flavor after the first infusion, so be sure to have a new one ready for the second cup.
    Also, be careful not to leave the tea in the cup as it will become too thick and bitter.



This is the tea garden for the National Tea Fai



This is the tea garden for the National Tea Fair.




The tea leaves were once cut so low that there were no tea leaves, but finally, strong shoots are coming out, though in pieces.

The rain is also helping them to grow.

However, due to the season, the grass is also growing quickly, which is a cause for concern.

It is also very important to protect against insects and fungi.


In this situation.


I was asked by an acquaintance the other day, “Mr. Kuroki, do you have time to go out to the tea garden?



The other day, an acquaintance of mine asked me, “Mr. Kuroki, do you have time to go out to the tea garden?” Especially in June and July, I’m busy with business trips to Tokyo every year, but this year, needless to say, I couldn’t go on a business trip due to corona, and as a result, I’ve been able to secure time to go out to the fields.


I really don’t know what the future holds, though.

Everything changes rapidly, and even things that we think are unchanging can easily change their appearance and come at us.


That’s why I’m throwing myself into today.


There are many challenges, but we have to live in the present.


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