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So many fun things

We are spreading autumn fertilizer to enhance the new shoots for next spring.

A secret plan?



Secret plan?


It’s not a “secret” at all, since I’ve made it public, but it’s a very good and highly recommended fertilizer.



By the way, we are working hard to make delicious tea, but how is the quality of our tea?


“I bought more than 30 bottles of tea from other companies and from outside the prefecture at the supermarket and checked the ingredients with a tea analyzer.


The result…

I bought more than 30 bottles of other companies’ teas, some of them from outside the prefecture.

(It also became clear again that brown rice tea and roasted tea are the ones that I don’t have to worry about falling asleep.



I’m glad I could see the taste in numbers.


“It was good to see the taste in numbers.


I was able to say, “We carefully select our ingredients.


Another story.

With the introduction of new machinery and equipment, our warehouse has become too small, and we are in the process of decluttering.


So, the other day, I called a professional in the field of decluttering to give me some advice.


I was surprised to find out that I have so many things that I don’t use.


In the process of decluttering, I found a cardboard box.



“So many fun things.

written on it.


Even if I don’t use what’s inside, I can’t throw it away.


These days, I want to work 80% drastically and 20% with emotion.



About Houjicha

Hojicha is made by roasting bancha or other tea leaves over high heat until they turn brown.

It is recommended after meals as it refreshes the mouth.

Hojicha, made from Bancha, has less caffeine than Sencha.

If you want to drink before going to bed, hojicha, which has less caffeine, is a good choice.

It is also mildly irritating, so it is safe for the elderly and infants.

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