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Collecting soil for soil analysis.


Collecting soil for soil analysis.


Just like your body, what is it lacking and what is it missing?




Just like going to the hospital for a regular checkup, we analyze the soil and rethink the plan for fertilizer application.



I took samples from the National Tea Fair tea garden and the general tea garden, and it is not good to use too much or too little fertilizer.



Also, is there an environment in the soil that can receive and absorb the fertilizer?



Is the tea tree itself in a comfortable and stress-free condition?


The best time to pick tea leaves is in the spring, when the leaves have grown to their optimum size.


It is also good if the production can be done according to the condition of the leaves.



Rather than doing something amazing, there is only the accumulation of steady and best daily work.


If you do this, you will be able to produce a tea that is good for your body and mind.



Steady accumulation.



However, even though you know the logic behind it, in my personal life, I am a 57-year-old tea shop owner who wanted to build muscle quickly and injured my shoulder by moving dumbbells too hard.




I’ve been steadily going to the orthopedist every week.







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Collecting soil for soil analysis.

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