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I’ve cleared it out.



Good evening.


Last week, I was in Osaka on a sales trip.

My job was to make a presentation to trading companies and buyers in order to get supermarkets and department stores to sell Miyazaki tea.


I think my response was not so good this time.


I tried my best to be methodical and convey information about Miyazaki as a production area and our company through words, videos, and paper materials, but I felt the response was weak.

(There are many places where tasting is not allowed in Corona, which is one of the reasons for the weak push.)


Well, I’m hoping that we’ll get some results from all this.


Itami Airport on the way home.


One shot before twilight.


It fit the feeling of the end of the day, the end of the business trip.


And when I’m away from the office for a few days, it’s also the end of the year, and various requirements are firmly piling up on me.


I’m busy.


I’ve been busy setting up sales outside the prefecture, preparing for the tea fair, managing the progress of the tea union campaign, preparing for the year-end event, meeting and communicating with local producers about their tea competitions, dealing with visitors to the store, and many other things. ・・・・



If I had time to write here, I could do those first, but I’m writing this to take a break.


I also cleared out this one that was in my house.


I’ve cleared it out.


When I start to get overwhelmed at work, I put all my work into Excel and write down the priorities and how long it will take in minutes to get my mind and heart right.


That way, when it seems like there’s no end in sight, or that my response won’t meet the deadline, I can just say.



“If I add it all up, it will only take two days and five hours.



And so on.



I’d like to work calmly and without a sense of flurry.





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