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Miyazaki Sencha Now Available in First Class on International Flights


Shinryokuen’s Sencha tea bags have been served on board international first class flights for two years starting in 2015 and for another three years starting in 2019.

At the time of the last adoption, the person in charge of the project said

“As a Japanese airline, we would like to use teas from tea farms that have won various awards, including the top prize at the National Tea Fair, in order to convey Japanese tea culture to people around the world.”
“The quality was extremely good.”

The tea was served in first class on 13 flights connecting Tokyo with the U.S., Europe, and Singapore, with a menu card indicating that the tea was produced in Miyazaki Prefecture.



How to make it tasty

  1. Fill a cup with hot water (about 100cc-150cc) and let it cool down to about 70℃, then add the tea bags.
  2. Wait for about a minute, shake the tea bag, and remove the tea bag when it is brewed thick.
  3. At this time, leave the tea bag in the cup for a while so that the last drop of flavor Keep the tea bag on the cup for a while. Keep the tea bag on top of the cup for a while.

Even though it is a tea bag, it tastes like a gentle tea carefully brewed in a teapot.


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