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the value of my work

It’s hot here.


Today, as one of the lectures at the Sadoharacho General Culture Center, I was asked to give a talk titled “Ochajima Senka for Parents and Children” and I talked about tea for almost two hours, mainly to elementary school students and their mothers.


In the first half of the talk, I talked about the history of tea, tea in Miyazaki, and types of tea, while taking a break from the corona measures.





In the second half, the proprietress explained how to brew a good cup of tea.

The proprietress was also nervous as she spoke passionately about her passion as a tea shop owner, explaining how the taste of tea changes depending on whether it is made with boiling water, cold water, or water.




Nowadays, people tend to shy away from brewing tea in a teapot.

However, when I saw the postcards from the participants, I was excited to see their interest and expectations for tea.


As a person who works in the tea industry, I was happy to see the enthusiasm and seriousness of the students, including the small children who listened to me.


This kind of time is very valuable to me because I can feel the value of my work, apart from business and sales.


I imagine the smiles on the faces of the little ones as they make tea for their families at home right now.



I would like to thank Ms. Nakata and everyone at the secretariat for their great support.

Thank you very much.




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