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Work is the result

For several years, I have been supplying tea to a tea shop outside of the prefecture.

They blend our tea with tea from other companies and prefectures, and sell it as a single product.

When I talked to the president of the company, I could feel his strong desire for quality. I admire him for his hard work in purchasing and blending the products.

So, the other day, when I asked him about a certain tea that we offered as a sample, he said, “Mr. Kuroki, can you roast it a little?

He said, “Mr. Kuroki, the roasting was a little weak, so please show me the roasted tea again.

He said.

He said, “What?

I thought to myself as I reviewed the processing chart of the rejected tea and tried to drink it.

“Hmmm ・・・・. It’s definitely not very fragrant.

The temperature should have been higher, the aroma should have been better, and the tasting should have confirmed it…

A few “hazards” piled up.

But when I drank it, I found that the tea lacked a little bit of aroma as the customer pointed out.

Work is the result.

It is said that the factors of what is called “failure” in work are assumptions and lack of information.

That and conversational errors also pile up in the world.

This time, it was an assumption.

“I tried so hard, I tried so hard.

is something that goes back to elementary school sports and studying.

I’m grateful to the person who asked me to resubmit my work, but I didn’t just shut down and cut a deal.

This is not Corona’s fault or anyone else’s fault.

We just have to get the results!

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