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Mr. Nakata



This past summer, we had a visit from Hidetoshi Nakata, a former member of the Japanese national soccer team.


Mr. Nakata has always had a strong interest in Japanese tea and sake, and the tea industry is very happy and grateful for that.



Before his visit, I honestly thought that he would be talking about the “crap” of Japanese tea and the idealism of craftsmanship.


But, contrary to my expectations.


The craftsmen are too particular about both sake and tea, and they are not good at communicating or selling them. If we don’t improve on that, it will be tough.


I was told.


He said, “That’s right!



I think that tea shops have a difficult time communicating their business and are not good at communicating.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can cover everything by introducing SNS and web as a company.


This system is also a great weapon now, but I think it depends on whether or not the staff on the front lines have the earnestness and desire to make full use of it.


If you are a tea shop, it depends on how much effort you put into manufacturing the tea you are selling.


Whether it’s face to face or on social networking sites, it’s important to know that


“Our tea has a gentle taste with sweetness and flavor.


“This tea is strongly roasted and has a great aroma.


This tea is strongly roasted and fragrant.



During the busiest season of the year for new tea, the company nervously secures enough raw materials (rough tea) to last the whole year, and then produces it every day in time for sales.


Naturally, there are conflicts with the selling price and cost.


However, we aim to achieve the best balance between the two, and the packaging room ensures that the product is safe and secure, and the staff at stores, mail order, and delivery share the thoughts of the creator and sell it to customers.


The general affairs and part-time staff who answer the phone for orders also need to be able to explain the tea to the best of their ability when asked by the customer.


I think the people who make their own products can talk more.



Of course, there are tea shops that purchase finished products and do their best, and that is one of the correct ways to run a business.


However, our company aims to be a company where all the staff can talk about the tea, even if it is not efficient.




It’s Monday morning and I’m fired up.


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