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Numbers are important

At the recent summer Thanksgiving Festival, we had many visitors despite the hot weather and rain.


Among them, we were especially pleased with the tea packaged in water.


Tea packets and ice can be placed in a glass container outside the store and wait for 30 minutes to make a delicious cup of water-dashi tea.


This is a unique tea for the hot and humid summer.

We had many cups of tea with free refills.




At the tea garden, we dug up the soil for soil analysis.

The soil is put into a machine and scientifically analyzed to determine what is lacking in the soil, and conversely, what is in excess.


It’s not a matter of “I’ll do my best” or “I’ll do my best,” but rather a matter of designing future fertilizers based on accurate numbers.


In human terms, it’s like a medical checkup where you look at your blood pressure and blood sugar levels and decide whether you should improve your diet or exercise.


Numbers are important.


They determine what to do and how to do it.




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