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Winter Thanksgiving Festival.

From today until Monday, we are holding our Winter Thanksgiving Festival.

I’m having a great time making tea for customers outdoors and holding a raffle with a 26-year-old young man who closes his eyes 80% of the time when I take this kind of photo.



One of our customers said, “I’m so proud to be the best in Japan.


“I’m proud.

“I was surprised when I saw the newspaper.


“I was surprised when I saw the newspaper,” “I was happy when my friend told me that the tea shop you always give me became the best tea shop in Japan! “I was so happy when my friends told me that the tea shop you always gave me became the best in Japan!

I am happy to hear that my classmates from high school and local people also drop by.


When the store is crowded, we have to wait outside the store for a little while in order to deal with Corona, but we use the Cho Hyper Analog Card System in this age of IT and DX.



There is one major drawback to this system, and that is that the customer returns home with the card in his or her hand.


However, I hope that customers who come to our shop in the cold weather will enjoy drinking our delicious, fragrant, and nutritious tea and feel relieved.


We also have some teas that won the top prize at the National Tea Fair.

We hope you will stop by.





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